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Kody Newton

Writer. Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Kody has always made movies whether it be with his nephews and nieces in the backyard or out in Spain while visiting castles but Newton to Newton Productions started with a Ninja and a Cowboy.
Kody and Bryan Newton went to college together and there made a series of 6 short films called The Adventures of Ninja Cowboy. Although these films were very poorly filmed and had only family as actors, it taught them many things in the world of filmmaking. 
Fast forward 10 years and Kody is watching these same Ninja Cowboy movies with his kids. "I want to make a movie", one of them said, wanting to be a ninja. So Kody called Bryan again and they decided to make a reboot of their characters in Ninja Cowboy Viking. We including a lot of family and friends and had fun making this little film.
When Ninja Cowboy Viking was finished, it turned out to be a 90 minute feature film and Kody and Bryan thought about what they should do with it. They were directed to ask Make-A-Wish if they could do a premiere to raise funds and, long story short, they showed it in 3 different states and raised enough for 3 wishes for kids in need!
Kody had found his place. He was meant to be a filmmaker. He was proficient in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, camerawork, sound design, and editing; but the most important thing he learned was how to tell a story that connects to people.
Stories connect us all. Most videographers overlook this. They aren't looking for the story, they are looking for the shot. We will sit down and make sure that we can capture YOUR vision and know that it will move audiences. You have spent so long working on your brand, that we want it to tell your story how you want it to be told!




i48 Film Festival





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Jill Barnes

Kody filmed my music video and I was so impressed with his work ethic and talents combined. He worked magic and has a great imagination, but not only that, he knows how to pull it off and bring it to life. That is a gift!!!

Charity Majors (Mrs. Idaho)

Kody was GREAT to work with!! We had fun, he was encouraging, got some EPIC footage, and really brought my vision to life! I highly recommend using Kody for any video production you may need! 


Codi Bills

Kody does a phenomenal job! Not only did he capture my vision but went above and beyond. His ideas are fantastic!

Victoria Olson

Kody did a fantastic job making our birth video. He was very professional during labor and delivery, and kept camera angles “above the equator”. He really focused on our little family during the whole thing. The video was so beautiful, and touching; I’m so glad we will always have this memory to treasure and cherish because the memories fade so quickly!

Boyce Fish

As a physician, I needed to have a fellow professional to work with. As I prepared for lecture engagements across the country, I was advised that a brief video introduction to my topic might be beneficial. My financial advisor said he knew just who I should talk to. Working with Newton to Newton was a breeze. With a short timeframe, Kody turned a series of PowerPoint slides into a professional introduction! Better yet, he helped fix a script for voice over, and somehow managed to get my voice to not resonate with the boredom of monotone! I can not thank Kody enough for the professional job he did on such short notice! With what he did with so little, I really need to get on the ball and raise the money needed for a full production documentary. His vision as a producer and filmmaker give him the next level of production capability.

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